About Jonathan.

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The Office of Jonathan Williams Landscape Architect is a collection of current work for Jonathan.

Jonathan Williams has practiced Landscape Architecture for the past 5 years but his love of plants and design extends long before that. Growing up on the plains of Kansas his love of wide open spaces and a solid horizon drew him to his profession and Houston’s flat topography.

He received a degree in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University. Hand drafting was part of the core curriculum and Jonathan still begins each new design with hand drawn concepts and designs. This allows for ideas to flow quickly and be brought to life with more ‘grit and texture’ than computer models.

Jonathan has worked on everything from large scale master plans to ecological restorations, ultimately finding his love in residential design. Each new project brings unique challenges that a client feels strongly about. A close connection with clients, and landscape, is what drives him in each project.

All of Jonathan’s projects take into consideration the unique characteristics of the site and the clients preferences and needs. Designs are created with an eye on the future longevity of the project and predictable maintenance.

Jonathan is Registered by the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners license number 2947 and is currently in Houston, Texas.